EDC: Shield, Kershaw, & Spurgeon

Every Day Carry EDC Pocket Dump Gear - S&W M&P Shield, Penny Face Knives Neck Knife, Kershaw Folder Knife, PFK Leather Pocket, Field Notes Notebook, 5.11 Tactical EDC Flashlight, Charles Spurgeon Biography Book

Here's some of today's EDC gear dump: 

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield (get the Talon grips here)

Penny Face Knives Neck Knife

Kershaw Folder Knife (same one here, only with serations)

PFK Leather Pocket, Field Notes Notebook (I get this three pack)

5.11 Tactical EDC Flashlight

Charles Spurgeon biography (I can't find the exact book, but lots of Spurgeon biographies here)

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