5 Awesome Bathroom Products Every Gentlemen Needs

1. Comfortable Robe

You should be comfortable at home but that doesn't mean it's a good idea to answer the door or grab the mail in your boxers.  Put your silk, mustache patterned, or warm flannel robe on a hook on your bathroom door and admire your classy self in the mirror.

Men's Robes $50 - $700

2. Valet

It's easy to be organized with a valet.  Unload your EDC gear here and you'll never need to ask your family if they know the location of your sunglasses/keys/knife/wallet/flashlight/etc.

Valet Catchalls $16 - $150 

3. Manicure Set

Leave the nail biting to the anxious.  You're more refined and balanced than that - or at least you look like it thanks to one of these manicure sets.


 Manicure Set $14 - $975

4. Shaving Assistance

Whether you're sporting a few whiskers or a full mane on your face, it's important to tend your crop.  Clean those edges, trim your sideburns, or keep an all around close shave with these goods...


Shaving $15 - $120

5. Handmade Straight Razor

There are quite a few reasons you'd prefer a handmade razor over a disposable or a factory-made.  If you haven't seen my blog post on the superiority of handmade straight razors, click here.

Handmade Straight Razor from File by Aaron Roberts of Penny Face Knives

Handmade Straight Razor from File with Leather Sheath by Aaron Roberts of Penny Face Knives

Purchase my handmade straight razors here.

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