Making a Neck Knife - Part 2

Tutorial on how to make a neck knife (part 2). 

Check out Making a Neck Knife Part 1, Part 3, and Part 4 videos.

For the written step-by-step process, check out my You Can Make a Knife blog post right here.

Supplies are listed below...

1. Here's my forge, that I highly recommend.

2. Here are my blacksmith tongs.

3. I use this magnet.

4. A small metal can to quench your blade like this is perfect.

5. Great pair of work gloves

6. These are the sanding belts I use.  I've learned it less expensive in the long run not to get cheap belts.

7. My apron.  It's saved me from burning holes in my clothes, multiple times.

8. The tubing I use.

9. Decent cutting tool for the tubing.

10. My arbor press.

11. My drill press vise.

The dremel I use and recommend.

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