Making a Neck Knife - Part 1

Tutorial on how to make a neck knife (part 1). 

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  •  For the written step-by-step process, check out my You Can Make a Knife blog post right here.

Supplies are listed below...

1. This is not the exact knife blank I used, but this annealed, high carbon steel blank is a great choice.

 2. This is the exact Sharpie I use thanks to the chiseled tip.

3. Not the exact granite block I'm using, but here's one I'd get right now that meets my needs and it's a decent price.

4. These are the sanding belts I use here.  I've learned it less expensive in the long run not to get cheap belts.

5. Standard propane tank.

6. A great forge that I highly recommend.

7. Here are my blacksmith tongs.

8. I was handed down an incredible anvil by my mentor.  A good one like mine is very expensive and worth saving up for.

9. Big difference between a hammer and a blacksmith hammer.

10. Love my apron and the small company it came from.  It's saved me from burning holes in my clothes, multiple times.

11. Save your skin and get yourself a great pair of work gloves

12. Don't mess around when it comes to your lungs.  There are a lot of toxic particles in the air when making knives.  Get yourself a good mask and wear it.

13. Counter Sink Bit - Not the exact set I have but I'd go with this set because I like the size options.

Not ready to make your own neck knife?  Buy one of my neck knives below...

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